Oh boy…

I just might be getting in over my head here. I barely know how to make a post here on my new WordPress blog (and if I didn’t have Trish talking me through it every step of the way, I probably would’ve given up by now!), yet it seems I’m starting a meme. Go figure!

Here’s what I know:

Every Monday, I’m planning to do a “Memory Lane Monday” post, where I dig wayyy back through my old picture disks (maybe even *gasp* some old print photos from my childhood days) and find a pic that I want to share. That’s pretty much it! I might also name a theme of some type from time to time, if I get really inspired.

So, to play along, all you have to do is make your own Memory Lane Monday post on your blog… then come back here and hit that little Mr. Linky button that should be on the bottom of my post. Sign Mr. Linky and add a link to your blog (preferably a permalink to that particular post so it’ll be easy for others to find). And voila! We have a meme and can visit each other’s blog and laugh at the old pics we dig up.

I posted my Memory Lane Monday post for this week earlier today (you should find it under this one)… and I’ve added the Mr. Linky button. Trish was kind enough to test it out for me (although she didn’t use a permalink, but I’ll forgive her this once!).

So go find an old pic (anything works this week; there’s no set theme) and join us! And bully your friends into playing along, too… the more, the merrier!

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