Back to Scouts

Last night was our first Cub Scout meeting since before the holidays. Scout meetings begin at 6:30 pm… and because my husband is soooo organized, he asked me at 5 pm if I had any ideas for something fun the boys could do at the meeting (if there was one thing I could change about my dear husband, it would be the fact that he can’t think/plan ahead… ever… for anything!).

So, I did a quick search online and found a Scout Bingo game that I could prepare for in very little time (since I HAD very, very little time). A few pages through the printer and a quick stop at our local grocery store to grab some M&Ms to use as markers, and we were on our way!

I think the boys enjoyed playing Scout Bingo. Although, I’m learning that 7- and 8-year-old boys do NOT like to “lose.” I always thought that was a shortcoming of Damon’s… he’s never been a very good sport. But last night, I realized it must be the age. I saw a few boys near tears when we’d called at least 10 numbers and they still only had their FREE spaces covered.

We played four riveting games of Scout Bingo… and I’ve promised to deliver prizes to the winners at next week’s meeting (I’m not above bribing them to attend). Avery was one of the winners… she’s not a second-grade boy, but she has become an honorary Wolf, it seems (and, not surprisingly, she’s the best behaved Wolf in the pack!).

I think everyone’s favorite part of the activity was when we finally let them eat their markers at the end. Here are Mason, Damon, and Avery enjoying their cups of M&Ms. Cheers!

Damon also brought along his football card collection to share with the group last night.

And the meeting ended with a little group cheer. “Pack 334!”

It’s good to be back in the swing of things! Next up on the Scouting agenda is the infamous Pinewood Derby. The boys start working on their cars this weekend, and the big race is at the end of the month (on Damon’s birthday, actually). January is going to be a busy month!
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1 Response to Back to Scouts

  1. Becki says:

    Next time, try “Loser’s” Bingo. Everyone starts standing. If you have the number called, you have to sit down. Last one standing is the loser, uh, winner.

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