Impossible to hate

My mom has always claimed to hate her canine granddaughter (although I often question the fact that Lizzie is actually a dog… she seems more like a cross between Bambi and an evil rat).

Grandma might not feel warm fuzzies toward Evil Lizz, but she does seem to enjoy keeping Lizzie warm and fuzzy every winter!

Last year, Grandma made several fleece doggy coats to keep the extremely cold-blooded rat warm, including this personalized hoodie (but she doesn’t like her).

Today, I tagged along while Mom finished her Christmas shopping for her grandkids… and I’ll be damned if the woman didn’t buy Lizzie another sweater. She kept saying, “Why am I spending money on that dog? I don’t even LIKE her…” Uh huh. Sure you don’t.

Lizzie loves her new Christmas sweater. And I give it 2 days, tops, before Comet figures out how to unravel it with his teeth (Lizzie is his favorite chew toy, after all).

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2 Responses to Impossible to hate

  1. Lisa says:

    LOL! Too cute that your mom (the Lizzie hater) bought her the sweater. It *is* very cute. I need to see “after” pics if Comet chews it up. 😉

  2. Damon says:

    The pictures are cute mom!!!

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