Finally, I’m sharing a few pics from our Thanksgiving weekend with Nick’s family.

We all gathered at Nick’s aunt and uncle’s house, about 2 hours south of where we live… AJ and Amber drove a million miles from Connecticut… and Missy and her daughter Hailey drove over from Illinois. It’s not very often that the three Witschey siblings are in the same place at the same time, so this was quite a treat!

And, of course, I failed to get a picture of the three of them together… I’m so ashamed.

Here’s a pic of Missy and her very own Mini-Me, Miss Hailey. I hadn’t seen Hailey since she was only a few months old… so now, 2 years later, she looks a lot different. When Missy came walking in the door, Hailey picked up her head and looked at me and I shrieked, “OH MY GOD, she’s a little Missy!” She really is.
Here’s Missy, Mini-Missy, and Uncle AJ…

Hailey and her big cousin, Avery, chilling out, watching some toons…

Hailey and Damon, with candy cane all over his face, of course…

Damon was very taken with his little cousin. I’m always touched when I see him interact with a younger child… because he’s so sweet and gentle. And it makes me sad, for about half a second, that he won’t be a big brother again. But I get over that quickly, I promise!

I tried so hard to get a GOOD picture of the three cousins… but it was impossible. My kids had candy cane all over their faces at all times. And Hailey… well, Hailey doesn’t sit still for more than 1.2 seconds at any given time. If, by some miracle, I got them all to sit in the same vicinity, there was no way they’d all look at the camera at the same time… I finally gave up; this is as good as it gets, I’m afraid…

I think this is my favorite pic from the week. Missy snapped this one of Hailey and Damon when they stayed with us Monday night, before heading back to Illinois. How cute is that?

Oh, I almost forgot… Here’s a pic I snapped on Thanksgiving of myself and my dearly beloved. I know, I know… the kids are cuter…

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