My little blogger

Damon announced last night that he wanted to start his own blog. At first, I laughed… and then thought, “well, why not??”

So, we set him up with his own e-mail address and blogspot today.

The child has been on the laptop, looking at his blog, posting on his blog, looking at his blog some more — all evening. Every now and then I hear him giggle to himself… apparently he thinks he’s funny.

Just now, as I was typing up this post, he discovered the comments that I left on some of his posts this evening. He thinks that’s just great!

Anyway, you can visit Damon’s blog here. Feel free to leave the aspiring writer some love (and keep in mind that I have absolutely nothing to do with his topics, opinions, or spelling/grammar).

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One Response to My little blogger

  1. Grampy says:

    I was AMAZED by the email — the BLOG is TOOOOOOO MUCH! . . . and SOMEBODY better fix that broken dirt bike!!!

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