A Splitting Headache

This is what I’m going to have every Thursday night, I’ve realized.

Thursday evenings are Cub Scouts meetings. And now that Nick is stepping up as a den leader, it’s become a family affair (instead of just the boys spending quality time together every Thursday).

Every time we go to a scouting event, I think, “I’m so glad I only have two children… and that only ONE of them is a boy!”

Boys are insane enough on their own, and in pairs. But, a fellowship hall FULL of boys (40+) is enough to make you wanna tear your hair out.

The happy news is that Damon earned his Bobcat badge tonight. Yay, Damon! 🙂

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2 Responses to A Splitting Headache

  1. Becki says:

    Eric says congrats!

  2. Luvkids334 says:

    Take 2 Ibuprofen 30 mins before you go. I do it every time I’m the teacher’s helper, works like a charm 😉

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