All Quiet in the Frozen North

I know I’m doing a really crappy job as a blogger here lately… I thought I’d pop in and say “hey!” and let everyone know that we Witscheys are still alive and well.

I’m in the middle… well, really, at the end… of another book project. So, I’m eating, sleeping, and dreaming all things Congenital Heart Disease. Yippee! This book will be finished mid-week with any luck… and then I’ll probably spend several days recovering!

We’re also keeping busy with the Cub Scouts lately. Nick is in the process of stepping up as Damon’s den leader (he has “Sucker” written on his forehead)… and we’re really trying to keep Damon interested, so we’ve been doing lots of scouting things. The past two Saturday mornings were spent “Scouting for Food” in the cold and rain. Fun stuff!

Oh, big news for me, of the sad variety… My darling son somehow managed to spill a glass of milk on my camera Thursday night, after I’d used it to take pics of 50 Cub Scouts for a Christmas ornament project that I volunteered for (I have “Sucker” on my forehead, too, apparently).

I was honestly in a state of shock… sitting here flipping the switch on… off… on… off. And nothing ever happened. The poor thing was just DEAD. I had visions of Thanksgiving and Christmas with NO camera, and I cried like a baby. I think I may have even sent up a prayer or two…

By the next morning, my beloved camera had recovered somewhat. Now it works… it just won’t zoom at all, which kinda stinks because I use my zoom on almost every pic I take! But, at least I can take pics, even if they aren’t the best.

So, I think that’s all the excitement in my world at the moment.
Now, I must return to my thrilling chapter on TGA… that’s transposition of the great arteries… duh.
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1 Response to All Quiet in the Frozen North

  1. Ellen says:

    I’m jealous that you get paid to read CHD books. Next month I’m presenting HLHS and Coarc at our annual Congenital Heart Disease lecture day. Let me know if there is any new info I should know about.

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