Still alive… I think

Our house was hit with a nasty round of flu/sick/ickies this past weekend.

Avery was the first victim Friday night. Her second failed sleepover attempt at Grandma’s ended with her home and throwing up by 9:30pm.

I didn’t feel well Saturday, though I wasn’t running for the bathroom every five minutes like my daughter, so I thought I got off easy (wrong!).

Sunday night, Damon was hit even harder than Avery had been. And, finally, Monday (after cleaning up after two sick kiddos all weekend), it hit me.

Nick was home in bed all day yesterday.

It’s been absolutely, positively no fun around here for the past several days.

And, to make matters worse, my lower back picks NOW to start aching like nobody’s business. So now that my stomach has started cooperating with life again, my back is protesting.

I’m days and days and DAYS behind on editing work… and every second that I sit at this computer, my back screams at me even more.


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One Response to Still alive… I think

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh, Erin, it sounds like you have had a tough time. It is so hard to be sick and have two kids and try to run things at home. I went through the same thing this summer, so I really feel for you. The good news is I lost about 5 pounds, so there is a silver lining!!! Hope you and the family feel better soon!

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