She REALLY holds a grudge

We made our trek home through the mountains yesterday… and stopped along the way to retrieve our animals from Nick’s aunt’s house/kennel (very handy to have a relative nearby who owns a dog-boarding business!).

As predicted, Comet was so excited to see us that he peed himself. And that moose of a dog sat in my lap on the drive home.

And, I thought Lizzie was happy to see us. But maybe she was just happy to be freed from her pen. She ran around like crazy when we first got there and even acknowledged our presence briefly.

But the whole way home in the car, she sat wayyyy in the back, as far away from us as she could get (usually, she rides in Nick’s lap). And when we got home, the animal wouldn’t come anywhere near us.

Usually, Nick and I are shooing her away and throwing her out of our bed (where she loves to burrow under the covers and sleep with us). But last night, she curled up on a blanket on the floor in our room and positively REFUSED to come to either of us.

We sat on the bed calling to her for I don’t know how long… no cigar. She just curled up in a ball and gave us the evil eye. Lizzie was seriously pissed off that we left her for 4 days.

When we woke up this morning, she was burrowed under our blankets, so maybe she forgave us sometime in the middle of the night… or maybe she just got THAT cold.

The dog amuses me.

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1 Response to She REALLY holds a grudge

  1. Grampy says:

    Glad you made it home — and thanks for the pics (I think).

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