Panic Mode

Most of you probably knew this post was coming, huh?? (especially you, Jennifer, lol)

Tomorrow evening we are packing it up and heading to Georgia (yay!)… the bad news is that I still have half of a book to edit before that happens (boo!).

It’s really not as horrific as it sounds… this is probably the easiest (I can’t believe I just said that, knocking on wood like a big dog right now!) editing job I’ve ever had. It’s a medical book, yes. But it’s nowhere near as technical as most of the medical things I edit. And, so far, all of the authors seem to have a grasp on the English language, which is always helpful.

This book is made up of 25 case studies… short case studies at that. I’ve decided I love case studies. Easy peasy (and some of them are kinda interesting, even, if you can believe that one).

So, without further ado… I’m heading back to Microsoft Word, where 13 case studies are patiently waiting to be tweaked to perfection by moi.

Oh, the pure joy. (Can you tell I’m hyped up on coffee??)

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