Steelers Country

I live in Steelers Country. People around me are NUTS about football this time of year. Nuts, I tell you!

Monday night, I couldn’t watch my favorite show of all time… Dancing with the Stars (go ahead and laugh at me, but I love that silly show and look forward to it all week). I couldn’t watch Kim Kardashian shake her booty for the last time when the show aired “LIVE! From Hollywood!” because there was a football game at the same time. The Steelers and the Ravens played a game Monday night, and Lord knows, the world came to a crashing halt for several hours.

Those of us in Steelers Country had the opportunity to watch Monday night’s DWTS Tuesday morning at 9am. Yeah, I’m sure lots of people who sit in front of their television sets on Monday night have the opportunity to do so Tuesday morning. Like we don’t work for a living?? Hmpf. [Even though I work from home and COULD have tuned it, I didn’t… because I’m responsible like that (ha ha ha ha ha) and worked instead.]

But I’m still amazed that they pre-empted DWTS because of a silly football game. Isn’t there another channel for that kinda stuff??

It’s not just the Steelers, though. This region of the world is NUTS about sports in general, I think. When I had my surgery last Spring, my doctor planned my release from the hospital around a friggin’ hockey game. (I’m not making this up… she really did.)

And high school football. Dear God. I’ve never seen anything like it. Where I went to school, the only people at football games were doting parents whose children were playing (or cheering)… and the only reason we, the students, attended the games was to get out and socialize with our friends. I don’t think I ever actually watched a game…

Here, Friday night football is insane. They have season ticket holders for HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL. And if the football field happens to be “in town,” I hope you don’t have to go downtown for anything else on Friday night. Good luck finding a parking spot anywhere within 5 miles of the football field.

It boggles my mind.

Sometimes I feel like I moved to another planet last winter.

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2 Responses to Steelers Country

  1. Lisa says:

    LOL!!!! Crazy football fans, huh? That would drive me nuts, too. Too bad that you don’t get another ABC Channel! I love DWTS, by the way, but that cannot come as a shock to you. bwahahahahhaa

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