Sleepover Friday

Damon and his friend Jason live for the weekends… because they’re 7-year-old boys. And we almost always let Jason spend the night once each weekend, usually on Friday because the boys are too impatient to wait one more night.

So, tonight is Sleepover Friday. The boys watched Sharkboy and Lava Girl on Disney. The boys snacked on chips and apple juice. The boys played video games galore. The boys sang along to The Bartender Song (the semi-clean version) on… about 23 times; they’ll be singing that one in their sleep tonight (it IS a catchy little tune, although probably not age-appropriate for 7-year-old boys, lol). And I finally just got them tucked into bed.

Sleepover Fridays are exhausting for Mom, lemme tell ya! Avery and I worked hard tonight, cleaning the kitchen and mopping the floors (Golden Retrievers are nasty, hairy creatures, by the way!), while the boys played.

The boys are still giggling in Damon’s room (and pillow fighting by the sounds of things) as I type this, and I’m ready to pass out! I wish I knew where they got their energy.

This mom is really glad that Sleepover Friday is almost over… and that she has another week to prepare for the next one!

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One Response to Sleepover Friday

  1. Lisa says:

    Have I ever told you that I think Sharkboy and Lava Girl is one of the worst kids movies ever made and I’m VERY tolerant of kid’s movies. LOL! It’s even ten times worse in 3D.

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