What’s new?

I feel like I’ve not been blogging much lately… and I’m not sure why. I guess there’s nothing terribly exciting going on around here, which is not necessarily a bad thing!

The kids are getting settled in their school routines. And I’m getting used to my new role as the Mom Taxi! Seriously, I feel like I’m in that car and driving back and forth across town from one school to the next ALL DAY every day. Friday is my little reprieve because Avery doesn’t have school on Fridays… so there’s only one school stop, and it’s right down the street from our house.

I had envisioned hours and hours of productivity now that both kids are in school 4 days a week. But, well, that’s not really happening! By the time I get home from delivering everyone to school and walk Comet and check e-mails, it’s just about time for lunch… and I’ve been meeting Nick for lunch almost every day. Then, after lunch, it’s nearly time to start the school run again. And if I have errands to run (like the grocery store yesterday), I really have no time to work!!

It’s amazing how quickly the day goes by when there are no little ones here with me… but it’s always fun to see their smiling faces when I pick them up in the afternoon. Well, it’s fun for about five seconds, and then they start fighting with each other… and then I’m counting the hours until bedtime and the start of another school day (i.e., peace and quiet for Mommy!).

Oh, here’s one bit of “news,” I guess… Nick took Damon to his first Cub Scouts meeting last night! Poor Damon… he stresses out about everything. He agonized over whether he wanted to play flag football or indoor soccer or go to Cub Scouts. Nick and I both thought Scouts sounded like the way to go for Damon. Not only is it year-round (instead of 6 weeks of a sport), but they do lots of different things that might interest Damon.

So, the boys went to their first meeting last night, and Damon seemed to think he would like it. He’s looking forward to actually “doing something,” instead of just sitting in a troop/pack/whatever meeting for an hour… but we keep assuring him that there will be plenty of fun things to come. (He’s NOT a very patient child!)

Luckily Nick has a little bit of scouting history, so he has half a clue what’s going on… because I’m totally lost. I read through the paperwork they brought home from last night’s meeting and felt like I had just happened upon a whole new culture of some kind. Tiger cubs, Wolves, Webelos, Arrow of Light?? It’s all Greek to me, but I guess I’ll learn along with Damon!

I’m so glad that Nick is back home with us, so that he can do things like that with Damon now. Almost every day I think of another reason why I’m soooo grateful to have him off the road and home again! I think that experience has made us all appreciate more what we have when we’re all together.

So, now that I’ve been ALL OVER the place with this very random blog post, I guess I should try to get some work done before Nick calls asking me to meet him for lunch! (Yes, it’s Friday… Avery’s home, and catching up with her friend Dora. She misses her all week!)

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2 Responses to What’s new?

  1. Carrie Hewitt says:

    I liked this post…It caught me up on where you have been lately. Is it to early to take Addie to preschool? I could use some quiet time around here. Do I have to wait 3 years?

  2. Carrie Hewitt says:

    my mistake….”too early”…..I HATE when I make errors like that, especially on your blog!

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