Avery likes to wear blankets.

She comes to me, in nothing but her undies, with a blanket (the particular blanket she’s modeling below was Damon’s when he was a newborn!) and asks me to tie it around her. And she will wear this blanket around for hours. She even wore a blanket as jammies one night and slept like that… with that huge knot in her back.

The kid is peculiar. Did I say she was MY daughter?? I might have to reconsider that claim. When she does weird things like this, she’s definitely her daddy’s girl!

(and I don’t even wanna talk about that awesome headband look she’s sporting…)

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3 Responses to Fashionista

  1. Luvkids334 says:

    Maybe in a before life she was a Roman Goddess who looked awesome in a toga

  2. Kelly says:

    Her and Bridget are still just way to much alike. It’s scary. Bridget has a Spongebob one that is her attire of choice.

  3. Linda says:

    She is just too cute!

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