If at first you don’t succeed…

Today I’m revisiting an old topic…

In this blog post from last year, I was super proud of myself for creating a “daily schedule” for our family. And in that post I reported that Day One of our new schedule was a success. If I remember correctly, Days Two and Three weren’t too shabby either. But, at some point, the schedule fell by the wayside (I know, it’s shocking, isn’t it??).

And lately I’ve found myself mega-stressed more often than not because I’m totally overwhelmed with work, the kids, the house… and I always long for more “down time.”

So, I decided to take a stab at the old schedule again. “Our Daily Schedule” has been hanging on the refrigerator for about a week now. The kids love to check it every hour and tell me what we’re supposed to be doing. I can’t say we’ve followed it perfectly for the past week, but every day is a new day… and we keep try, trying again!

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One Response to If at first you don’t succeed…

  1. Carrie Hewitt says:

    I have the exact opposite problem Erin. I am so scheduled that when something occurrs that disrupts the mundane flow of my household, I get stressed out, especially if it gets Addie off her schedule. Perhaps I should lighten up a little and try and relax….I hope you guys do well with yours and it helps relieve some of your stress, atleast for a little while anyways.

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