Four-leaf clovers

A few evenings ago, we were all outside (like we are most evenings). Nick and I were just hanging out on the porch, and the kids were doing what kids do… running around the yard, looking for something to get into. Avery was probably busy with her hula hoop, and Damon started whining that he was bored, there was nothing to dooooooo (by some miracle, none of his neighborhood friends were over at the time… God forbid).

Our grass hadn’t been cut in about 2 weeks at this point, so the front yard was full of clover. Nick told Damon to go out there and find us some four-leaf clovers. Damon looked at Nick like he had three heads. Damon is under the impression that you’ll only find a four-leaf clover at the end of a rainbow, next to a pot of gold… or something like that.

So, Damon stomped off disgusted, as usual.

And Avery (always up for a challenge) and Daddy went to work searching for four-leaf clovers.

I don’t think they ever found one… even though Nick assured Damon that there were “probably hundreds” of them in our front yard. See, Damon’s no fool. But they had fun looking, anyway.

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One Response to Four-leaf clovers

  1. Tammi says:

    Love the pictures! Sorry they didn’t find any clovers!


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