Progress Report

I am almost finished with the Godforsaken book project!!! Hallelujah!

(I thought I would post this here because I’ve had an insane number of inquiries via e-mail in the past 2 days. I’m guessing you guys will be just as relieved to have this book project done as I will, lol!)

I could finish it tonight and have it ready and waiting for the project manager in the morning… but my eyes are really going buggy after staring at this computer screen for 15 hours.

So, by lunchtime tomorrow, I’ll be doing a happy dance in the Hills!

Unfortunately, it’ll be a short-lived celebration. My desk is FULL of work waiting patiently to be done, which I’ve had to ignore for the past week to get the book done. But little journal articles are gonna be a piece o’ cake compared with this beast!!!

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One Response to Progress Report

  1. Tammi says:

    Go Erin! Go Erin! You can do it!


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