My new favorite place on the Web

Yeah, yeah, I’m working. Really, I am. But I wanted to break long enough to share this…

In my blog-hopping a few days ago, from this blog and then to this one, where I also read this, I finally stumbled upon Babble! (And, for some unknown reason, I can’t remember the name of that site to save my life… I keep wanting to call it Blabber instead. See I’ve been working too hard, clearly!)

Anyway, back to Babble, which claims to be “the magazine and community for a new generation of parents.” I’m probably one of the last moms to discover this fun site (just like I was the last person on the planet to discover Dooce when I first started blogging). But now that I’ve found Blabber… BABBLE (damn!)… Now that I’ve found Babble, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to visit.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of the whole Web site (which gives me something to look forward to, weeee!), but I have read some of their more recent and more “popular” articles. A few that I really enjoyed were: The Over-Parenting Crisis, Game Over, and The Breastfeeding Conspiracy. And then there’s FameCrawler, “your daily baby celebrity fix.” Who could live without that?!?! (Not me, in case you’re wondering. I admit that I’m shamefully addicted to celeb gossip, especially of the baby variety.)

So, go check out Babble and tell me what you think!

(Carrie, I especially thought of you when making this post; Babble looks like your kinda place!)

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2 Responses to My new favorite place on the Web

  1. Carrie Hewitt says:

    This website was perfect reading for my class yesterday……I got myself a little wireless connection, sat back, and learned all I could about breastfeeding and how I have the right to HATE it! Thanks Erin……(can you tell I am still bitter about the whole thing?)

  2. ErinRagan says:

    Carrie, I cheer every time I read an article that gives us “permission” to feed our babies formula! lol

    I hated the pressure I got to breastfeed… even after I’d QUIT and we were all much happier with the bottle…

    I agree, it’s a wonderful thing… IF it works for you and your baby. But there are LOTS of times when it doesn’t, for whatever reason. And that’s WHY there’s an entire aisle in the grocery store full of different formulas!

    I think my formula-fed darlings are going to be JUST fine and just as wonderful as their breastfed counterparts. So there! 😉

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