Yet another way that Erin avoids work…

She catches up on phone calls to distant relatives!

I just spent the better part of an hour on the phone with my cousin Carrie. The two of us are GREAT at procrastinating and not doing our work/school work! *wink*

It was great chatting with you, Carrie Leigh! Give Addie Girl a big hug from Cousin Erin, k??

Oh, and don’t work too hard at naptime, lol.

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2 Responses to Yet another way that Erin avoids work…

  1. Carrie Hewitt says:

    I love procrastinating with you…..if only you lived next door! We would be in a world of trouble… ya girl….C

  2. Grampy says:

    i don’t think the mileage distance is much of a barrier to getting into a “world of trouble.” And another thing, about this “distant relative” — is that geographic distance or familial (Is that even a word?!!)… Are you Addie’s second cousin, great aunt — or just something or other once removed. . . And am I her great uncle — or just Carrie’s (and Granny’s) favorite…wink…sigh…yawn…snore

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