Why, why, why…

Why is it, do you suppose, that something designed to make my life easier actually makes it more complicated??

You know those stupid resealable Zip-Pack things that lunch meats and sometimes cheeses are packaged in? Has anyone ever had any luck with those WORKING the way they’re supposed to?

I almost just threw a 3-lb bag of hot dogs (yes, we eat a lot of hot dogs) through the window. Because the “easy” Zip-Pack piece o’ crap didn’t work… they NEVER work, do they? (Please tell me I’m not the only idiot who can’t get them to function properly!!)

First of all, you’re supposed to just rip along that fabulous dotted line to open the package… and then the two plastic pieces are supposed to open, revealing that spectacular “zip” part… right??

Well, when I rip along the dotted line, it usually careens in some other direction instead… then I have to hunt down a pair of scissors to cut along the dotted line. And even THEN, if you do (by some miracle) manage to tear it along the dotted line, the plastic remains sealed below the magical dotted line. So, you need to hunt down your scissors ANYWAY to cut the package open. And then fight to get the zipper part open, too.

Yep, this reallllly makes my life easier. Thank God for the Zip-Pack!!!

(It’s possible that I’m wound a little too tight this afternoon, ya think?)

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One Response to Why, why, why…

  1. Luvkids334 says:

    Glad I’m not the only one that happens to. I end up having to repackage the whole thing in a ziplock storage bag. Kind of defeats the purpose don’t you think ?

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