Technology (and a case of mistaken identity)

From a work e-mail I received yesterday:

We have selected reliable copyeditors to train on our new, electronic pre-editing tool, and you are one of these copyeditors. I plan to present a WebEx demonstration/teleconference of the pre-edit tool’s capabilities tomorrow, 6/19/08, at 3PM (EST).

The first hilarious thing about this is that someone thinks I’m a “reliable copyeditor.” Me? Reliable?? Clearly, they have me confused with someone else.

Please respond to this email by the end of the day today to let me know if you are available at 3PM tomorrow. I expect the training to last between 1/2 hour and 1 hour at the most. If you have an unavoidable conflict with this time, or any other concerns or questions, let me know.

Uh, yeah, I have several “unavoidable conflicts.” Their names are Damon, Avery, Comet, and Lizzie.

And, well, I’m a little “concerned” about how I’m supposed to have a Web meeting/teleconference without duct taping the kids’ mouths shut and locking them in a closet for an hour.

I’m “questioning” why, after working for this company for 10 years and never having to speak to a soul, suddenly I’m expected to telecon with several of them, for an hour. Major heebie jeebies. Don’t they know that the only thing I LIKE about my job is the fact that I don’t have to talk to or see any of them??

The good thing is that I can remain in my jammies, as usual. WHEW! The day they tell me I need a Webcam so they can actually SEE me during these crazy training sessions… then we’re gonna have serious problems.

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2 Responses to Technology (and a case of mistaken identity)

  1. Grampy says:

    You should be in your teleconference as I right (sic) this. . . will be good for you. Pajamas sound like the ideal attire. . . You could probably lose a little more “adult” contact — and the inevitable eye-rolling can be our little secret. Love U.

  2. Grampy says:

    rut row — I meant (of course)USE a little more adult contact (I could lose/use a more reliable copy editer.)

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