Pool Fun

Yesterday, Nick and I took the kids (plus my third kid, Damon’s friend Jason) to the pool here in town. One awesome thing about living in the Hills: Public Pools!!! I’ve never lived in a place that had public pools in every town until I moved over here… Nick’s hometown was the same way, and Damon and I spent lots of time at the pools when he was younger, too.

The pool here is reallllly nice. It’s huge and has three water slides (in lieu of diving boards), including one in the shallow water for the smaller kids. It also has really nice locker rooms and a groovy (and affordable!) snack bar, with a separate “dining area.” There’s also a really nice, fenced-in baby pool… although we didn’t spend much time there yesterday. Avery was just as happy to hang onto Nick’s neck in the big pool. And the child is fearless… she’s already trying to swim “on her own.” By the end of summer, I predict I’ll have two fish for children!

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One Response to Pool Fun

  1. Linda says:

    How cute!!! I am sure you will love pool time this summer!

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