It’s been almost a full week since I blogged last… I had no idea. I knew it had been a few days, but geeeeez.

Okay, so this post is kind of a preview of things to come, because I have LOTS to blog about but not lots of time at the moment to do it!

First, the kids and I resumed our adventures on the road with Nick this past weekend! It’s been a while since we spent any time out in the big truck… so we definitely made up for it! We were out in the truck from noon on Saturday ’til 2am this morning (other than a 7-hour break that the kids and I spent at home Sunday afternoon/evening). We had a nice time, and I even remembered to take my camera along… so I have oodles of pics to share with you—eventually!

Second, Nick and I are trying something new, and I’m pretty darn excited about it (in the dorkiest way possible!). We spent some time yesterday in the truck talking about our finances, budgeting, blah, blah, blah… same old, same old. So we were discussing putting ourselves on a pretty tight budget, but then we mentioned that we still needed to make sure we took the time/money to do things for us, like our date nights that we haven’t had nearly enough of lately!

So, Nick had a great idea… he told me to ask Mom if she would babysit tonight, and we’re going on our first $10 date! We decided that we’ll try to do this every week, and we’re going to alternate weeks planning our $10 dates… and surprise each other with what we come up with.

Tonight is Nick’s night to plan (since it was his brilliant idea, lol), and I’m really excited about it. We’ll get to spend the evening together sans kids, and we won’t even break the bank in the process (thank goodness Grandma is a free babysitter, otherwise $10 dating would NOT work!). The more I thought about this idea, the more excited I got about it. I think it’ll be fun just trying to come up with different things to do for only $10… and I have a feeling that Nick and I will end up doing a lot MORE together than we ever have—different things that we wouldn’t have even considered before. So, YAY!

I’ll report back tomorrow… and if I can get my goofy husband to cooperate (ie, let me take his picture without his tongue hanging out), maybe I’ll even have pics to share.

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