This is my life

Avery came running into my room, just moments ago… grinning from ear to ear, jumping up and down with excitement, super-dee-duper (yes, I’ve watched Barney a time or two) proud of herself.

“Momma! Guess what?!?!?”

“What, Ave???” (thinking she must’ve found a cure for the common cold or something)

“I just wiped my butt… all my myself!!! with wipies!! and LOOK, Momma… I didn’t even get my hands dirty!”

Momma just looks at Avery, speechless… I mean, really, what IS the proper response to that??

Avery clearly wants praise… she says (still grinning and bouncing up and down):

“Isn’t it AMAZING, Mommy???”

Yes, Avery… amazing… that’s one word for it.

And THIS is what my life has become. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

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