Sleepover Central

I really have to wonder WHAT the kids in this neighborhood did with themselves before we moved in.

Every day after school, our yard is full of kids. And this weekend, my house was Sleepover Central. Friday night one of Damon’s friends spent the night. Then last night, this kid’s older brother spent the night. The brothers don’t get along very well, so they generally take turns coming over here… which is kind of amusing, really. They came up with that solution all on their own, and it seems to work rather well for everyone!

I promise I’m NOT that “cool” of a mom that the kids gravitate to my house. I don’t wear an apron and make snacks for the neighborhood kids; in fact, I generally discourage feeding any of them… they can go home for that! I don’t play games and entertain them; I usually hide in my room on the computer or at my scrap desk, figuring the kids can entertain each other. And I scream at them… a lot; Damon has one friend in particular who is downright mean to Avery, and that really gets under my skin. I’ve told this child repeatedly that Damon has a little sister, and if he’s going to play at our house, he’s going to have to respect that and DEAL. But they still gang up on Avery, so Momma Bear has to come out of her cave and yell at the big, mean boys (not that it seems to do much good).

Anyway, having neighborhood friends seems to have done Damon a world of good! He no longer mopes around the house, telling me how bored he is… he doesn’t cry when he has to go to school… he’s generally a happy kid again, for the most part.

And, for that, I’ll put up with my backyard being Grand Central Station after school and my house being Sleepover Central on the weekends. Heck, I might even start providing Kool-Aid and cookies… maybe.

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One Response to Sleepover Central

  1. Lisa says:

    You are so funny. I think we are very similar in our parenting styles. LOL. It’s fun for your kids to have friends like that, though. I remember what a big deal a sleepover was when we were kids.

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