Home! With one less ovary.

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I survived the surgery Friday. The doctor discovered not one, but THREE cysts hiding in my ovaries! So, the left ovary is now a thing of the past; the doctor was able to leave the right ovary after removing a small cyst from inside of it.

I spent two days in the hospital and was sooooo sad when the doctor discharged me this afternoon. Really, I could’ve stayed there for a week, at least! I had a great private room, wonderful nurses, and pain meds galore!

But, alas, I’m home again. My dad is here, helping with the kids/dogs/house. Poor Nick has to go back out on the road first thing tomorrow morning… he’s been home all weekend, keeping things together here at the house and visiting me in the hospital lots, too. And, my mom has been a huge help, of course!

I’m feeling okay… when the pain meds are working, I feel GREAT. When they wear off, I feel like death. So, I have a feeling it’s going to be a very up and down kinda week! I plan on spending a lot of time in bed, resting and catching up on my reading. It’s going to be really hard NOT to jump up and tend to the kids and things around the house, but I know I have to resist… for a while.

Super huge thanks to everyone who sent well wishes, prayers, etc. this weekend! I’m definitely one blessed girl, to have so many caring friends and family members! Hugs to you all!

Will update again soon… drug-induced blogging is sure to be interesting, right?? 😉

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1 Response to Home! With one less ovary.

  1. Carrie Hewitt says:

    Glad you are home and feeling good…..with a little help of course. Im going to call you today just to say hi!

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