Damon brought home a Language Arts worksheet this afternoon. The assignment was to sort words with the “oo” sound and inflected endings: cooks, cooked, cooking, etc.

Then he was supposed to write a sentence using “oo” words.

This is what my son wrote:

I like rhinos.

First of all, I see no “oo” words there, do you? But the teacher gave him a big star next to it and wrote this (*shudder*):

Me too! I think their cute.

I am such a sad mom today. Really, really sad. Really.

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3 Responses to *SIGH*

  1. meliss says:

    ACK!! So wrong on so many accounts. šŸ˜¦ What do you do with that?

  2. Alli says:

    WHAT? What is up with that???? so, what has he learned..besides the fact that his teacher things rhinos are cute????

  3. Carrie Hewitt says:

    Yikes….I am guessing she is more worried about his confidence than the fact that he actually knows the “oo” words….Im rather shocked!

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