A familiar face (and some eye candy, too!)

Last night I took a much-needed break from my computer and editing work and drove to Pittsburgh to meet my good friend Angie! She’s in town this week for work, at the Romantic Times convention… which is quite interesting, to say the least!

I met Angie in the hotel lobby and was beyond thrilled to see her smiling face and open arms coming toward me! It made me realize just how LONG the past two months, away from home, have been.

Angie greeted me, then grabbed my arm and said, “Hurry! You have to see this!!” We rushed up a flight of stairs, she swung open the stairwell door, and THIS is what I saw:

The “Mr. Romance” contestants, who are all hoping that their hot bods will grace the cover of a romance novel in the near future. I died laughing… actually had to duck back into the stairwell to compose myself… then I reached for my camera, naturally… because my friend Trish just HAD to see! 😉

Angie showed me around and I got a little taste of what the RT convention is all about. Promo Alley was especially cool… it’s where authors set up little stations full o’ goodies and giveaways to promote their books. I spent most of the evening in awe of the world of romance publishing (and realized that my medical editing job is especially boring in comparison, lol).

I thoroughly enjoyed my time catching up with Angie… we spent a lot of time chatting and had a yummy dinner at a nearby restaurant. I only wish I could have stayed longer (or hopped in her suitcase and gone back home with her tomorrow!).

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2 Responses to A familiar face (and some eye candy, too!)

  1. Memaw says:

    I can hardly keep up with your postings! . . . I may need to sleep less — if I stay “abreast” of both you AND Carrie’s shenanigans!!

    Love U,

  2. ErinRagan says:

    Granny, lol. I was tickled to see you commenting! Now we have to talk Steph into starting a blog… then you’ll NEVER get any sleep! 😉

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