I promise he’s a boy. And I remember the day he was born very clearly!

According to our insurance company, my son Damon is actually a girl. And apparently I gave birth to him 9 months earlier than I remembered.

Poor Damon is sick… and we spent a fun-filled morning at a new (to us) pediatrician’s office, which is always an adventure. It took the doctor, two nurses, and me to hold Damon down and force a swab down his throat for the strep culture. Then, Damon proceeded to throw up all over the doctor’s office (see, HE knew that sticking that swab down his throat was NOT a good idea… kids seem to know these things). Turns out, it was negative… he doesn’t have strep. We’re not sure exactly WHAT’S wrong with the kid, but the doctor is guessing sinuses (and I’m guessing that’s what the doctor says when he has no clue). But we walked out of there with a Rx for an antibiotic, so I was a happy camper.

Then we went to our local Rite Aid. And spent over an hour trying to figure out why the computer wouldn’t accept Damon’s insurance information. The computer kept telling the pharmacist that he wasn’t recognized and therefore not covered by our policy. Funny, because his little name is clearly on the damn insurance card.

So, while my children were busy trying to break that little blood pressure machine thingy in Rite Aid, the pharmacist and I were trying to figure out WHY they were refusing to cover Damon’s Rx. She finally called our insurance company… and found out that they have his birthdate and sex confused with Nick’s daughter, Molly (who is also on our policy). So I guess that means they think Molly is Damon?

Add getting this straightened out to my mile-long “to do” list.

The good news is that we fooled the computer (who cares if the computer thinks Damon is a girl?) and I FINALLY walked out of Rite Aid with some meds. Hopefully Damon will be feeling better soon!

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One Response to I promise he’s a boy. And I remember the day he was born very clearly!

  1. Grampy says:

    So sorry to hear of my granddaughter’s latest illness — and your struggle with the insurance company bureaucracy. Hope he is better soon. Love to all.

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