A Wild and Crazy Saturday Night

Last night, the kids and I rode along in the “big truck” with Nick.

He had two deliveries to make a few hours North of here, and asked if we wanted to sneak in the truck and ride along. We have such thrilling lives that we were more than willing to go, just to get out of our house for a while!

Riding in a big truck is fun, for about 5 minutes. Then you realize it’s pretty much just like riding in any other kind of vehicle… the highway doesn’t really look THAT much different when you’re sitting higher above it.

But, the kids were pretty well behaved, surprisingly enough. They brought along bookbags full of toys, and Daddy stopped and got them snacks for the ride.

I realized a few minutes into the trip that we were going to be very near a good friend of mine, so I called Ellen and asked if she’d like to meet us for a quick visit. We had a little over an hour to kill while Nick made his delivery, so Ellen came over and took the kids and me out to dinner. It was a short visit, and I spent most of the time yelling at Avery to quit blowing bubbles in her water… but still, it was fun to see Ellie!

We made one more stop for Nick’s second delivery, and then headed home. The kids were sacked out in the sleeper for most of the ride back, which was nice. I drove Nick crazy by taking control of his Sirius radio… he usually has it tuned to the NASCAR station (*snore*) or “Today’s Country.” And it distresses him that I’ve started listening to the “pop” radio stations and Flo Rida’s Low is one of my new favorite songs. But, hey, HE’S the one who wanted my company out on the road last night… a headache is a small price to pay.

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