And then there was Avery…

Sweet, “diva-licious” (her word, not mine!), easy-going, always smiling… that’s my girl.

I’ve been so consumed with Damon’s most recent trials and tribulations that I’m sure it seems, especially to you blog readers, that I’ve forgotten about my youngest child. But I’m here to tell ya that she has definitely been the sunshine in my gloomy, snowy, sleep-deprived, anxious-ridden world for the past 3 weeks (or rather, for the past 4 years!).

There was a point in time (actually it was 19 long months!) when I thought Avery was not meant to be, and I wasn’t particularly devastated by that. If Damon had been an only child, my world wouldn’t have turned upside down… he’s pretty fabulous himself, and honestly, his dad and I had a really hard time imagining that we could possibly love another little person as much as we loved him. But, somewhere deep inside of me, I just knew that my little girl was out there. And, lo and behold!, she was… just waiting for her time to shine.

And shine she does… every second of every day of her life. Avery shines. Just ask anyone who’s ever met her… they know.

And when I’m having a particularly “down” day, all it takes is a smile or a hug from Avery to bring me back up a notch or two. She was well worth the wait… 19 months isn’t so long, when this is the result:

(And in case you’re wondering… her hair was wet in these pics; I promise I use shampoo on her head every now and then!)

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