New Mommy Friends?

Before I moved, my friend Trish asked if I was going to find or start a new Moms Group over here… and I think I groaned in response.

My “old” Moms Group back home is simply fabulous (I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before). Having those ladies in my life—their support, love, and friendship—has been a true blessing, and the thought of “replacing” them with a new group was just too much for me to wrap my brain around. And luckily, we have an awesome online forum so that I still feel connected to them, even from 500 miles away. So I kept telling myself that I didn’t NEED to find a new group…

But, after less than 2 weeks here, with only my mom and kids to talk to and interact with on a daily basis, I was starting to feel a bit crazed… so I hopped online and actually found a local Moms Group (amazingly enough!).

I joined the new group Tuesday, and Wednesday night I was attending my first social function with them—a Moms-only recipe exchange/gabfest at someone’s house. I Mapquested directions to the house (a town away from here), printed out some recipes, and set off to meet 20+ new friends. Thank goodness I’m not the shy type, lol.

Let me back up a little… One of the big “attractions” in the town next to mine is a huge Catholic university. And apparently all of the women in this Moms Group are somehow affiliated with the school—whether they or their husbands are students, staff, professors, etc. I was told that affiliation with the university wasn’t REQUIRED for membership, but that’s just how most of them have found each other. I, of course, have no connection with the school (or the Catholic religion for that matter), but I went to this gathering with an open mind (hey, I attended the University of Dayton for a year and have LOTS of Catholic friends, right? They know I’m a heathen and they love me anyway… I can do this!).

Overall, I had a really nice time. There were at least 20 women there, so it was impossible to meet and talk to all of them, but I did chat one-on-one with several people throughout the evening. Everyone was super friendly and made me feel very welcome. I’m looking forward to more get-togethers and playdates and getting to know everyone. It was beyond thrilling just to be OUT of my house and socializing again!!

But, clearly, I’m the “strange one” in the group, and here are a few reasons why:

*I’m not Catholic (and, in fact, don’t even attend church regularly)… and, no, really, I’m not interested in learning about the big parishes in the area, but thanks anyway!

*I’m 32 years old (the oldest person there, by far) and ONLY have two children.

*I have had a surgical procedure to ensure that I DON’T have any more children. *gasp* (Of course, these ladies haven’t met my children yet… maybe one day they’ll understand why two was more than enough, lol!)

*I don’t sign my e-mails with “God Bless” or “Go in Peace.”

*My husband actually enjoys listening to (and probably participating in) the lewd conversations that come across his CB when he’s out on the road… and I’m okay with that.

and here’s the big one…

*My oldest child is 7 years old and I haven’t yet celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary (I was actually ASKED these questions, and when I answered them honestly, I saw my new Catholic friend doing the math and then gripping her seat tightly so that she didn’t fall out of it).

I guess by the end of the night, I kinda sorta felt like I had been dropped off in the middle of the Twilight Zone. And, like I said, I actually had a good time… and I really liked everyone that I met. I just got the feeling that they probably went home and prayed for my soul, and I’m not sure how I feel about that… I’m excited to meet new, local friends. But I really don’t want to become their “project.”

On tap for next week… a playdate with the kids Wednesday morning and book study/prayer group Wednesday night. Yes, I plan to attend both… wish me luck.

God Bless!

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5 Responses to New Mommy Friends?

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh Erin, I laughed out loud when I read your post. Too funny. You’re *so* not the odd one out, you’re just outnumbered. LOL.

    I hope you find some really great mommy friends!

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh Erin, I laughed out loud when I read your post. Too funny. You’re *so* not the odd one out, you’re just outnumbered. LOL.

    I hope you find some really great mommy friends!

  3. Grampy says:

    Heathen ‘tho you be, my recollection (halfheimers notwithstanding) is that you were christened Catholic — I was there . . . . good to hear you’ve found another Mom’s group. LOL

  4. ErinRagan says:

    Yes, my mother reminded me of that, too, Grampy. “Hey, you’re Catholic… we had you christened!” Of course I rolled my eyes and said, “gee thanks for THAT.” lolol

  5. Linda says:

    You are HILARIOUS Erin!!! Hope you enjoy your new group of friends… and maybe never tell them about this blog??? We want more stories!

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