I’m such a sad, sad woman. I’m currently hidden away in my bedroom. And who am I hiding from, you’re wondering? My dogs.

One of the biggest adjustments since we’ve moved is WHAT to do with the darn dogs. Comet no longer has a huge cornfield to run free in whenever he feels the need (gee, now I realize JUST how convenient that was!).

And I couldn’t tell you what’s gotten into Lizzie the past few days… but she’s been absolutely wacky. She sprints all over the house like a mad dog, bouncing back and forth from window to window… and she’s just driving me NUTS. Maybe she’s just now realizing that we’re stuck here and not going “home.” I have no idea. But she’s crazy.

The other issue is that our house is a bit smaller than the last one. So, when both dogs are out of their crates, there just isn’t that much space in here for them to chase each other around the house (which is all they seem to know how to do).

So, I’ve been thinking a lot the past few days about how much EASIER my daily life would be without these beasts. I spend an insane amount of time every day taking dogs outside and policing them when they’re inside.

Technically, these are NICK’S dogs… you know, because he spends a whopping 48 hours at home every week (I’ll let you take a wild guess how many of those hours he spends bonding with his beloved dogs… and I’m sure you can already see my eyes rolling back in my head, lol).

So, anyway, I’m just about at my wit’s end. I just came in with Comet and he started chasing Lizzie around… knocking me over if I got in his way. So, Avery and I came into my bedroom… and I just shut the door, keeping the dogs out. They’re currently tearing through the house, probably destroying precious valuables (ha! as if I have any of those) and trying to figure out how to eat each other for lunch… and I honestly don’t care.

Avery and I are safe and sound in the bedroom. Maybe if I’m lucky the dogs WILL figure out how to destroy one another… and then my latest problem will be solved! *groan*

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2 Responses to Hiding

  1. Katherine says:

    Oh, honey…you know what I will say….get rid of them. LOL But, I know you and the kiddos love them, so I know it isn’t “THAT” easy.
    Good luck taming those wild beasts!

    love ya!

  2. fireflymom says:

    Is another Lizzie road trip in the works? haha.

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