A Reprieve

Ever since we arrived at our new location, over a week ago, it’s been FREEZING… and snowing/sleeting nearly every day. As if moving to a new place isn’t hard enough, dealing with the weather and horrid road conditions has made it that much worse! We all have a massive case of cabin fever, I think.

But, today… the birds are actually singing and the temps are supposed to reach 60 DEGREES! Hallelujah!

So now the ice just MIGHT melt from my driveway and on-street parking… and little blades of grass are even starting to show through all of the snow. The dogs don’t know WHAT to think… they forgot what grass looked like!

Of course, this reprieve won’t last long. Tomorrow they’re calling for business as usual… temps in the 30s to 40s and… you guessed it—more darn snow. *groan*

I saw a sign in town the other day that said “less than 20 days ’til Spring!” I’m doubting that applies here, in the frozen North. But, hey, it’s wishful thinking…

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