Mixed Emotions

Nick is flying home tomorrow, and the kids and I are sooo excited to see him. He’s been gone now for 2.5 weeks, and it feels like forever (even though I know we’ve gone longer stretches than this in the past). I think it’s because he’s pretty much “permanently” gone now… he’s working on his new dedicated account and even on his days off, he can’t come home to us.

In fact, his “visit” tomorrow was a last-minute thing and he’s really only coming home because he needs to take his pick-up truck back with him. On his days off now, he doesn’t have a vehicle to drive around (because the big rig has to stay at the terminal), so househunting has been difficult up until now.

So, I’m super excited that he’ll be home tomorrow afternoon… but I’m also super bummed that I’ll have to say goodbye to him, yet again, less than 24 hours after he arrives. Gone for 2.5 weeks, home for 20 hours. Yeah, that just doesn’t seem fair somehow…

Hopefully I’ll be planning a trip over to help Nick with the househunting in the next week or so (Damon’s pesky birthday is really interfering, darn it! lol). I know that we’ll all feel 100 times better once we have a house lined up to move into! It’s kinda depressing to pack boxes when we don’t know WHERE we’re going to take them in the long run.

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