There is ONE good thing about renting a home…

and my husband has never seemed to grasp this concept.

In my opinion, the ONE good thing about renting is calling your landlord when something breaks and saying, “Fix it!” But Nick, being the stubborn redneck that he is, refuses to call our landlord, ever, for anything. Nick prefers to do the manual labor (which usually includes cussing and screaming) himself, not wanting to “trouble” our friendly landlord. And I think: “Trouble him?? We pay him an insane amount of money each month… trust me, he can BE troubled!” And then I roll my eyes a lot while Nick cusses and fixes whatever it is himself.

So, it thrills me to no end that earlier this week something broke in our house that Nick didn’t know how to fix. Seriously… THRILLED me.

Our washing machine decided to start leaking water last week… lots and lots o’ water. We had a similar problem a couple of years ago, and of course Nick discovered that one of the fittings was loose, and… you guessed it… he fixed it himself.

But this time it wasn’t loose fittings, and Mr. Fix-It-Himself couldn’t figure out what was wrong (although he guessed that the motor was bad).

So, my dear husband actually picked up the phone and CALLED the landlord. Hallelujah!!

Two days later, two friendly repair men came out to our house and replaced the bad motor (Mr. Fix-It-Himself was right about that!) in a matter of minutes. And Voila! I now have a working washing machine that is not spewing water all over the place. No one cussed or screamed while fixing it, and the best part: our friendly landlord will get the bill.

THIS is the one good thing about renting a home. We’ve rented this particular home for 3 years now, and we have called the landlord ONCE for a repair. He’s going to be really sad to see us go…

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5 Responses to There is ONE good thing about renting a home…

  1. Shayna says:

    Ugh, what is it with men? My husband is the same way.

  2. Shayna says:

    Ugh, what is it with men? My husband is the same way.

  3. Alli says:

    IS there a man who calls for help FIRST???? I got a new dryer a few years ago when DH tried to fix the old one and caught it on FIRE!!! LOL!!!

    Oh, Erin…check out my blog..left you something there!

  4. Grampy says:

    Alli, I call for help first — but ONLY if there isn’t a good woman in my life to do that too! . . . They don’t call me “Mr. Fixit” for nuthin’!

  5. ErinRagan says:


    Dad, thanks for my laugh for the day… Mom and I both got a huge chuckle outta that one!

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