Dedicated to my favorite truck driver

When You Hear Talk About Truckers, by Ron Terry

It’s about custom paint, lots of chrome and guts,
Never about dangerous roads and construction, or ugly ruts!

It’s about big engines, flaming stacks and lots of speed,
Never hear about unsafe equipment or what the drivers need.

Always talk about super highways and major truck stops,
Never about rush hour traffic, road rage or multiple drops.

Always hear about the great food and someone’s monster steaks,
Never about canned food, hot coffee and the many fast food breaks.

Always about how everyone envies their independence and no clocks,
Never about deadlines, narrow city streets or about those unsafe docks.

Everyone talks about the miles and the ability to constantly roam,
Nobody thinks about the loneliness, or the weeks away from home.

All the talk of the great scenery and forever-endless sights,
Never mentioning forbidden roadways and endless nights.

Always take for granted the items in our markets and stores,
Never realizing the hours of sacrifice to bring freight to our doors.

Thinking of all the miles and the great rate of pay,
Not knowing that inside city miles count against that pay.

Our cowboys were never heroes, until they were nearly all gone,
Now truckers share the same fate, as daily they go on.

More paperwork, less cooperation from the customer on down,
Yet they keep hauling freight from town to town to town.

They run solo, as teams, even as husbands and wives,
Both women and men trying every day, to live ordinary lives.

So the next time you see a big rig, covered with mud or snow,
Just know that inside you’ll find a driver trying to make it go.

And when you pass a truck stop, with hundreds of idling trucks,
Think about those truckers, sleeping and living in all those trucks.

And when you see a big rig, shiny and covered with lots of chrome,
Just remember that often that rig cost more than most homes.

And when you’re behind a big rig and the traffic is driving you mad,
Just remember the person driving that rig, is someone’s mom or dad.

So whatever the route that is taken, or whatever the time of day,
GOD bless all the truckers, and keep them safe on their way.

(From Pilot Challenge Magazine, January 2008 issue)

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