Home Safe and Sound

Nick surprised me by arriving home last night! Earlier in the week he told me that he probably wouldn’t make it here until Sunday (even though his home time was supposed to start Friday night). But, somehow he got his last load delivered yesterday evening, about 2 hours from here, and then he high-tailed it home to us. It was a great surprise!!

He’ll be here until Wednesday, so it’s really nice to know that we have several days to spend with him. We don’t have anything major planned, but that’s okay, too. I think he’s happy to just hang out and relax and spend some quality time with his family. Avery hasn’t gotten two feet away from her daddy all day!

On the computer front, my friend’s husband checked out my laptop and reported that it just needs a new fan. WHEW! So, I was more than happy to give him the money to order a fan, and hopefully he’ll have it fixed up and back to me sometime next week.

For now, I’m getting by (just barely) with my old dinosaur, piece o’ crap desktop that I’ve had for a hundred years. This thing is seriously scary… but I can’t NOT have a computer of some type for a week because, well, there’s work to be done (and due to illness and a broken laptop, I’m very far behind). So, I’m struggling with this baby for now… and I’m going to cry tears of joy when my laptop returns home to me!

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One Response to Home Safe and Sound

  1. Linda says:

    Guess I should ahve read this one before asking if it got fixed! LOL

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