Our Thanksgiving in Pictures

So, it’s taken me a while to download pics from my camera… but here they are, finally.

Thanksgiving was gorgeous in our neck o’ the woods! It was very warm, but super duper windy… perfect for KITE FLYING!!! So, Avery and Grandma took our cheap-o, plastic SpongeBob kite out; Damon watched; and, of course, I took photos!

Here are my two absolutely, postively favorite parts of our Thanksgiving meal: our family’s traditional stuffing and Cold Duck (you love the plastic wine glass, don’t you? lol). Yumm-o, on both counts.

And, when the kids got antsy an hour before dinner was ready, we drew hand turkeys to keep them busy. Then we proudly displayed our turkeys on the fridge (flanked by some of our State magnets that Daddy brings home to show the kids where he’s been):

Last but not least, here is a dirty-faced Avery loading up her plate with cheesy mashed potatoes; her plastic champagne glass (we are soooo fancy) is filled with Cherry 7-Up.

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2 Responses to Our Thanksgiving in Pictures

  1. Kelly says:

    Okay I so love the state magnet idea!

  2. Keener Family says:

    Flying the kite looks like so much fun!

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