Three more weeks

Until Nick gets to come home again. And I’m sad… very sad.

Nick put in his home time, which should start December 1st. So he will have been gone for 3.5 weeks by that point, which feels like an eternity right now (only a few days into it!).

I usually look forward to this time of year… Thanksgiving and Christmas… and all of the “family time” that comes along with it. Now, I’m just absolutely dreading the whole Season, for the most part. If it were just me, I think I’d hide under my covers until the first of the New Year… but I know that I can’t do that with two kids here, who depend on me to make their lives whole. *sigh*

I knew going into this that Nick would be gone a lot… that he would miss a lot of holidays and birthdays, etc. And I thought I could mentally prepare myself and I’d manage. And manage I suppose I will. But I won’t be the least bit happy about it.

In the next few months he’ll miss Thanksgiving, his birthday, most of the Christmas “season” (although hopefully he WILL be home for Christmas morning at least), and Avery’s 4th birthday. And I’m having a really hard time seeing the “bright side” of any of that right now.

I think I’m going to need an increase in medication before this year is over.

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