Boredom and a Depressed Dog

I don’t know what is wrong with me today. I’m bored to tears. And it’s not because I don’t HAVE anything in the world to do… I could be editing or cleaning or scrapbooking or editing or reading or playing with my kids or grocery shopping or editing… any number of things. But I’m just having one of those days where everything sounds ehhhhh, not so exciting.

And poor Comet. I told Nick last night that I think Comet is slightly depressed. Seriously. Lizzie has only been gone for a little over 24 hours and Comet doesn’t know WHAT to do with himself. I really felt guilty last night, as he wandered sadly around the house, and then stopped by my chair and looked at me like “what now?”

My friend Susan told me that Comet is probably worried, wondering if he’s going to be the next one to “disappear.” bwahahahahaha. (I’m not that lucky!)

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