And they’re off!

Nick left in his pumpkin truck early this morning… and this time he has company: Queen Lizzie went out on the road with him! lol

I think Lizzie will be a great “truck dog.” In fact, she spent the first 9 months or so of her life in a tow truck with Nick every day, and she seemed to enjoy that. And she’ll be good company (and security, lol) for Nick out there, too. Not to mention the fact that I’m thrilled to have one less creature HERE to take care of! Although, I’m expecting “issues” out of Comet… he’s not going to know what to do without Lizzie here to torture.

Nick also left this time with a new 12-volt cooler/refrigerator that plugs into his cigarette lighter and a whole bunch of food and drinks (hopefully he won’t spend a small fortune eating at truck stops now… that will be an improvement!).

Saying goodbye was harder this time than ever. Mostly because we have no idea when they’ll be home again. The holidays are affecting everyone’s home time for the next couple of months, which is a bummer. So, Nick might be home in a week and a half… or (more likely) he won’t be home for another 3.5 weeks, which seems like a lifetime!

Nick opted out of coming home for Thanksgiving this year, because he wants to make sure he’s definitely home for Christmas. So, as of right now, the kids and I have no Turkey Day plans. I’m certainly not fixing a huge meal for the three of us (really, the two of us because Damon won’t eat turkey anyway).

However, I have the most wonderful friends on the planet… as of this morning, the kids and I have received three different invites for Thanksgiving dinner. I haven’t officially accepted any of them yet, mostly because I don’t know what most of my extended family has planned (hint, hint, what are your plans, Extended Family?). But it’s very heartwarming to know that so many non-family members (with absolutely NO obligation, lol) are willing to open up their homes and share their families with us for the holiday… it gives me huge warm fuzzies!

Well, back to the daily grind… I now have to transform back into Responsible Mom and get my children fed and dressed and off to school this morning. Ho hum.

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3 Responses to And they’re off!

  1. Maria says:

    I would like to add a forth invitation to Thanksgiving festivities if your family doesn’t come through with some plans. So you should come to the Stewart’s house (we’re cute!)

  2. Maria says:

    fourth (I apologize)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I dont cook Erin, but you are always welcome here. It will be my first year not going to West VA for the Holidays. So…as long as you dont get hungry……Carrie

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