Halloween Night

Okay, here are the LAST of the Halloween pics… thank goodness. I’m so tired of this silly holiday after a week of celebrating it (and it was never my favorite to begin with).

Last night the kids went trick or treating with Damon’s best school friend, Ian, and Ian’s older brother and sister and their friends. Here’s the whole crew (Damon was a very miserable soldier all evening… 6-year-old hormones, they do exist!):

I got a half-smile for this pic, showing off the horrible facepaint job (Damon’s mom is NOT very artistic… and 6-year-old hormones certainly don’t help):

Here’s Avery raiding the candy bowl at Ian’s house. She didn’t last long trick or treating before she asked the big kids to bring her home (wimpy little thing!). But she had a ball handing out candy to all of the other trick or treaters.

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1 Response to Halloween Night

  1. Grampy says:

    Great pics. . . VERY SCERY. . . D.T. looks like he’s taken heavy mortar fire, mustard gas — and been taken prisoner while sleeping off a real bender (last pic of the warrrior is PRICELESS)!!!

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