More Halloween Fun

Last night the kids got to wear their costumes to a friend’s Halloween Party. So here are some more pics of them dressed up. They’ll probably look exactly like this Wednesday night when we go trick-or-treating… only Damon will have some Army facepaint (we’re saving it for “the real thing”).

And, tonight we carved pumpkins. Or rather, I carved pumpkins. The kids were absolutely no help with this activity. All I asked them to do was draw faces on their pumpkins… that was a nightmare. I took a pic of the pumpkins lit up so that you couldn’t see all of the black Sharpie all over these poor pumpkins. They’re more black than orange now, I think.

Damon requested “vampire teeth” on his pumpkin. Hey, I tried. And Avery… well, she wanted a “Princess pumpkin.” Ummm, sorry, I’m just NOT that talented. But she was tickled with the generic face she ended up with, thankfully.

Pumpkin carving used to be Nick’s job… and tonight I remembered why. Not only do I not enjoy it (not even a little), but I’m also pretty terrible at it. Next year, I’m going to get the kind of Jack O’Lanterns that you plug into the wall.

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2 Responses to More Halloween Fun

  1. Grampy says:

    Great kid pics. . . and I LIKE your jack-o-lanterns (Is that a word?). . . . . They’re DIFFERENT — and more than a little s-c-a-r-y!!

  2. Diane says:

    Target has a Mr. Potato Head pumpkin kit. It worked wonders in my house this year. I have been known to mistakenly think I am crafty and buy one of those kits that lets you draw some fabulous picture on the pumpkin and then carve it outyourself. I normally cry half way through the project and convince Joe to do the rest.

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