Halloween Preview: Sgt. Witschey and the Great Pumpkin

The kids got their Halloween costumes last weekend, and of course they’ve been wearing them ever since.

Damon was thrilled to pose for a few photos:

Avery, not so much. She was a very unhappy little witch (hopefully I’ll get some better shots of her on Halloween!):

And, here’s Nick and the big pumpkin truck. He spent 5 days last week driving with his trainer in this truck (and Nick’s will be very similar… I’m sure I’ll have pics of it eventually!).

We got a surprise visit from Nick this week. They couldn’t schedule his final test at the training center until yesterday, and his trainer said there was absolutely NO reason for him to ride with him any longer because apparently he’s a rockin’ truck driver. So, I picked him up in Philly Sunday night and we surprised the kids with a daddy Monday.

He took his test yesterday and passed with flying colors. Right now he’s at the Operating Center, waiting for a Pumpkin of his very own!

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2 Responses to Halloween Preview: Sgt. Witschey and the Great Pumpkin

  1. Elle says:

    Those costumes are cute! Yey for the great pumpkin truck!

  2. Smellie says:

    Congrats to Nick!!!

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