As Promised: That OCD Thing

I mentioned in this post a few days ago that I’m suffering from a new, OCD-type thing. I’m sure you’ve all been dying to know what that’s all about, and since I have nothing better to blog about today (other than the fact that my son and I just fought the first battle of WWIII over a pot pie that he refused to eat for dinner), here goes…

In this blog post from several days ago, I whined about how much money Wal-Mart stole from me, when all I wanted was dog food and a calendar (no, I’m still not quite over that).

What I didn’t include in that post (because I figured no one really CARED… and you probably still don’t, but too bad) is that I didn’t buy anything fun or extravagant during that shopping trip to Wal-Mart. I spent $101 on things that we NEEDED around the house: shampoo, conditioner, trash bags, laundry detergent… stuff like that.

What I realized later is that I didn’t really NEED any of that stuff. I already had over half a box of trash bags, half a bottle of shampoo, and almost a full bottle of laundry detergent.

So, why on earth was I freaking out walking around Wal-Mart that day, thinking I just HAD to get this stuff? Seriously, my chest was tightening at the thought of NOT purchasing it and then running out of trash bags, shampoo, or laundry detergent (major tragedies).

And, I’ve never noticed this anxiety over having a stockpile of supplies in the house because I don’t think I’ve ever BEEN this anxious over it. This is a side effect of suddenly being a single mother, oddly enough.

See, when Nick is here, I know he’s at my beck and call (ha!), and IF we run out of something, all I have to do is pick up my phone and call him and sweetly request that he stop at the store on his way home from work. How easy is that?!?! And when our checking account is almost devoid of funds, I know that Nick will somehow find a few dollars to get toilet paper and milk when we run out (because he’s Superman like that).

But knowing that it’s all up to me to keep this house running like a well-oiled machine is making me a little compulsive about some things, I guess.

The good news: I shouldn’t ever have to wake the kids in the middle of the night to make an emergency run to the store for toilet paper. WHEW!

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8 Responses to As Promised: That OCD Thing

  1. Becki says:

    Shouldn’t every well-run household have a back up stock pile of those essential toiletries? Seriously, I even have back-ups for the back-ups. You can sleep well tonight knowing that you aren’t the only one!

  2. ErinRagan says:

    Becki, why am I NOT surprised to know that you have back-ups for your back-ups?? lolol

    See, the thing is that I don’t HAVE a “well-run household.” FAR, far from it, actually.

    But thanks, Beck. I will sleep well tonight! đŸ˜‰

  3. Elle says:

    What is a well run household Erin?
    Do your kids go to bed at night fed and know that you & your husband love them? Do they do fun things with you like build robots? What I’m trying to say is that there is no “perfect” household. I think you are doing a great job!

    Incidentally, I have back-ups too. Eventually we go through the back-ups and there are some days when we do run out of them and they go back on the list. =)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Don’t get your thong all in a twist over back-ups. . . Just did my grocery shopping. My LIST included milk, bread, juice, sodas and fruit. My HAUL included two MORE small boxes of designer-print tissues, toothbrush (I have 3 new ones), shaving cream (also 4th in the line of succession)ibuprofen (already have more than enuf to supply Darfur!). . . Get over it! — probably just another genetic flaw!

  5. Grampy says:

    OK — you guessed it — “Anonymous” is really GRAMPY . . . ‘snot (is not) that I need a back-up name, I just had a brain cramp and was unable to send a normal message (logon/pw probs)

  6. Trish says:

    I really understand why you would worry. It is up to you every 2 weeks to make sure its all there. But it’s ok, so you can breath you are doing an awesome job!

    Elle said it best!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Erin,
    Its Carrie! We are using tissue for toilet paper at my house right now because I dont want to risk a meltdown in the middle of the grocery store with Addie! So….if the tissue runs out, I might even cut up some paper towels to avoid the whole situation! How do you like that for a well-run household???

  8. ErinRagan says:

    ROFL, Carrie!
    Sweetie, that’s SAD! lolol.

    Can’t Tim grab some TP on his way home from work?? Do I need to overnight you some Charmin? lol

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