My first week as a "single mom"

People laugh and roll their eyes when I say I’m a newly single mom… but really, that’s what it feels like from here.

A week ago, my husband packed his bags and took off, leaving me behind with two kids, two dogs, a house, and even trash duty (the nerve!).

Yes, I know I’m still married and that I haven’t actually been deserted… and Nick will stop by every couple of weeks to say “hey!” and let us know he’s still alive and well (and he’ll probably even LET me do his laundry, weeee!)… but technically, I’m pretty much a single mom now, doing it all on my own.

And after one full week, I’m thinking Nick better watch out and mind his Ps & Qs… because being a single mom isn’t nearly as horrible as I’ve been imagining for the past 6 years! lol

I am absolutely exhausted (early mornings and late nights are catching up to me); I’m learning that I have a strange OCD thing (that’s another blog post of its own, stay tuned for that!); I’m pretty sure that my prescription of Wellbutrin is the only thing that has kept me from murdering my children on a few different occasions (yes, in just one week); I almost lost both dogs in one afternoon; and I miss my husband immensely, in every way imaginable.

BUT, aside from all of those negatives, I’m doing surprisingly well. Really, I am. Friends and family members have been calling me throughout the week, and I get “How are you doing, Erin???” They’re seriously concerned for me… like they think I’m going to be sitting in a corner drooling, I guess. But, I promise you, I’m fine… I’m more than fine.

I’m doing it. I’m taking care of everything, on my own. And, honestly, that kinda feels GOOD. I’m feeling this new sense of empowerment… because I’m realizing that I don’t NEED Nick here to help me with things. Yes, I’d like for him to be here… and I’d love his help (mostly with morning routines, because I really, really miss sleeping in!). But, I’m learning that life as I know it will not come to a screeching halt without my husband here to hold my hand.

And there’s no doubt in my mind that IF we can all survive his two-week periods away, we’ll treasure even more the time that he’s home. Damon’s nifty “countdown calendar” tells us that Daddy will be home in 6 more days. Piece o’ cake! *wink*

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