Comet (aka Dumb and Worthless)

I guess you could say Comet and I have a love/hate relationship. I hate him because he’s a royal pain in my butt.

He’s huge and clumsy, and I don’t think he’ll ever learn the meaning of the word “DOWN!” He’s ALL puppy and runs around here like a maniac most of the time. He’s like a bull in a china shop; nothing is safe from Comet the Moose and his big tail. He’s not a very “barky” dog (unless Lizzie gets him started; then he has to follow suit and pretend he’s a real dog), but he has this Ewok growl thing that he does… it’s very odd, to say the least. He destroys anything in his path: shoes, Matchbox cars, Barbies, socks, underwear, pillows, junk mail… you name it. If it’s left out, Comet will destroy it. And he’s also a very expensive pet… vet bills, flea and tick meds, replacement toys/shoes/socks/underwear, not to mention Puppy Chow bought in bulk!

But Comet DOES have a few things going for him: he’s very sweet, incredibly gorgeous, and makes me laugh… a lot. He also plays a mean game of fetch.

How can you NOT love that face??

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2 Responses to Comet (aka Dumb and Worthless)

  1. Marly says:

    Oh Erin, I wanted to hate him for you, but he is just beautiful!

  2. Elle says:

    He is a cutie and he knows it 😉

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