Avery’s first day of school!

And, of course, she had a wonderful day!

Before Damon started Pre-K, I worried about him adjusting to school… since he’d been home with me for 4.5 years before then. He did fine and I needn’t have worried, but Damon always had that kind of personality, where I wasn’t really SURE how he’d react.

Avery, on the other hand, is no mystery. She’s a social butterfly through and through, and I never once doubted that she’d love going to “school.”

I woke her up this morning at 7:30am… EARLY for Avery, who likes to sleep in like her mommy! She started to grumble when I disturbed her peaceful slumber, until I asked, “Are you ready to go to school today??” That was all it took. She jumped up out of the bed, all smiles.

We were dressed, fed, groomed, packed up and ready to leave in no time flat. In fact, we were AHEAD of schedule. So, Avery spent 15 minutes standing by the door with her backpack on and her lunchbox in hand saying, “Mommmmm, can we just GO already?!?!?” “Mom, I’m ready to go to schooooool now!”

She didn’t cast a backward glance when I dropped her off.

And, this afternoon, Avery’s teacher reported that she was wonderful all day. Mrs. Diane said that she kept forgetting Avery was a “new kid” in the class… because she just fit in and followed along with the class so well.

All in all, I’d say school was a success!! She’ll go back on Friday, and I’m sure it’ll be another wonderful day. And the best part: Avery seems verrrrrry tired and mellow this evening. I don’t think we’re going to have ANY trouble getting her to sleep tonight! Hallelujah!!

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2 Responses to Avery’s first day of school!

  1. Heather J. says:

    i just want to know what you did with your “free time” yesterday! hehehehe!

  2. Diane says:

    TOo cute!
    Pat her head for me so she stops growing up and stays this way forever!

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