A wonderful, horrible day

Today the kids and I spent the afternoon visiting one of Damon’s school friends and his family.

When we woke up this morning, it was gray and rainy and blah outside. But, by the time we arrived at Ian’s house, the sun was shining and it turned out to be a simply gorgeous day!

You know how in every neighborhood there seems to be ONE house where all of the neighborhood kids congregate to play, eat, hang out, etc.? Well, that would be Ian’s house! They have an awesome yard for the kids to play kickball/football, a super cool treehouse, and even a Power Wheels Jeep! Ian also has two older siblings… and Avery absolutely fell in love with Ian’s 14-year-old sister today. I seriously didn’t SEE Avery all afternoon (but Ian’s sister saw plenty of her, I’m sure, lol).

So, the kids were having a blast playing with other kids, while I enjoyed some adult conversation and yummy coffee (and brownies!) with Ian’s mom and grandma.

All was right with the world… and THEN…

My son did something really stupid. He was up in the treehouse and one of the neighborhood kids was standing below. The boys had been playing for a while, throwing things at each other from up in the treehouse… things like pine cones and bouncy balls, and other harmless objects that don’t hurt when they’re hurled down at you from high above in the trees.

Next thing I knew, Damon threw something down (looked like a fluffy stuffed animal to me at the time) and it hit the neighborhood boy below. Boy Below then grabs his face and starts screaming bloody murder. NOT a good sign.

Turns out Damon had thrown a broom (minus the handle) at Boy Below. I hope that Damon was thinking the broom looked soft enough not to harm anyone (I really have to tell myself this to keep from completely breaking down). But, as luck would, or wouldn’t, have it… the one hard, plastic piece on the broom (where the handle screws in) hit Boy Below right above his eye. It wasn’t pretty… at all. Boy Below ended up in the Emergency Room this afternoon; luckily, he didn’t need stitches, but he does have a nice gash in his head and I’d guess a pounding headache tonight.

In my almost seven years as a mother, I’ve never felt so horrible and embarrassed and mortified because of something my kid has done. I also had absolutely no idea how to handle this situation… what do you say, what do you do, how do you punish, etc.??

I’m pretty sure that tonight the Boy Below and his mother have almost forgotten about Damon and his tongue-tied, blushing idiot of a mother… they’re probably over this and moving on with their lives. Meanwhile, I’m still horrified and guilt-ridden and wondering if I am, in fact, the worst mother on the planet… and if my child is really a monster under that too cute facade.

Tonight, I attempted to have a talk with Damon about what happened today… and after our “talk,” I asked him to give me a hug. The hug was definitely more for me than him. I held onto him longer than I probably should have… and I cried, quietly (6 year olds get really freaked out when they think they’ve made their mom cry, I’ve learned!). I cried because I love that little guy more than I ever dreamed possible (even if he does have an evil streak, lol), and watching him grow up, and make mistakes in the process, is absolutely heartbreaking.

Damon is only 6 years old, and his mistakes are fairly “little” mistakes. God help me in 10 years. I hope they have my room ready at the funny farm…

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